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NaRhee Ahn is a screenwriter, director and producer

NaRhee Ahn is a screenwriter, director and producer. Her current project is “It's Asian Men!” a romantic comedy short companion piece to the “Haikus With Hotties” Calendar benefitting Angry Asian Man. Her award-winning Korean American coming of age feature film debut PURITY played at festivals in 2006. She wrote and produced the horror feature THE UNBIDDEN that had its world premiere at the 2016 Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival and is available on Amazon Prime  

Growing up in Delaware of all places, where the name “NaRhee Ahn” was met with “Is that like “Gnarly?” “No, it’s like “Sorry” but it’s really pronounced “Nah-Rlee”...”Huh?” NaRhee connected to epic, emotional and eccentric stories about outsiders and underdogs through Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels, Manga and foreign films. Determined to escape constant bullying and marginalization, she overcame overwhelming obstacles and graduated from two Ivy League schools. Surprising everyone, she concentrated not in the expected areas of medicine, law or engineering, but in theater, visual art and film. NaRhee’s storytelling goals are to give voice to people that society represses and raise the representation of Asian Americans in entertainment and media.  

NaRhee has spoken passionately about the challenges facing being a female filmmaker of color, most notably at Brown, Columbia and New York University, Hunter College - City University of New York, The Asia Society and Museum and on the PBS show Asian America. Active in alumni organizations, she has served on The Brown University Entertainment Group board and as Co-Chair of the board of Columbia University Entertainment. NaRhee lives in Hollywood and is repped by Jethro Rothe-Kushel at Scenario Management.   

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